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Our Origins

In July 2005, our family made the move from the UK to start a new life here in Alberta, Canada. Alan was brought up on a farm in Cumbria, England, and had worked in Agriculture since he left school. He worked for his last employer, Stampers Haulage, for 16 years, doing livestock and general haulage, and more recently as a dispatcher for farm inputs. Nicola was brought up in a military family. After graduation, she earned a Degree in Agriculture, and pursued an 11 year career with Carrs Billington…

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A New Start

In 2009 we opened our new 1500 ft2 butcher shop, and have continued to invest as we grow. Our business continues to expand, and we are proud to employ several full and part time local people, to work with us. We still have plans for further expansion, and have lots of ideas for new, innovative products. We continue our quest to educate our customers about - the superior quality of our products; why we do things the way we do them; and why we continue to offer those British customers a taste of home.…

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Our Pigs

Our small herd of Berkshire pigs is raised as nature intended. The animals are allowed to move freely in their environment, and are kept outside year round, with access to indoor shelters for shade in the summer, and warmth in the winter. The animals are never raised with the use of antibiotics - however a sick animal will be treated as necessary. Hormones are never used to promote growth, and the pigs diet consists of forages, locally grown grain (produced without the use of chemicals), and a premix of…

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