Frequently Asked Questions

Do we sell to provinces or countries beyond Alberta?

Our meat processing facility is licensed by Provincial (Alberta) health inspectors. This means that we are unable to sell to any products outside of the province of Alberta.

Do your products contain nitrites?

Any product that we cure or smoke will contain sodium nitrite.

Sodium nitrite is an antioxidant that is vital to prevent the growth of botulism causing bacteria and prevents spoilage. Nitrite also gives cured meats the characteristic color and flavor. 

Cured meats must legally contain nitrites. This can be derived from salts or certain nitrate-containing vegetables e.g. beets and celery. The amount of nitrite consumed will be similar regardless of source. 

Eating Nitrite containing products in moderation, with a healthy balanced diet is proven to be safe. Nitrite is part of the body's healthy nitrogen cycle, which helps to regulate blood pressure, promote wound healing, and destroy pathogens in the gut (North American Meat Institute). 

Nitrites have been the cause of concern  when heated up to very high temperatures. The nitrite can form nitrosamines that are considered to be carcinogenic. Avoid over consumption of charred meat products.

For further information please consult the NAMI (North American Meat Institute) at

Do we need to order in advance or just show up to a market or farm store?

Whilst we do our best to offer as many products at our farmers' markets locations and the farm store, we do occasionally either sell out early, or we simply don't have certain products from time to time.

If you are making a special trip, or need to ensure that you have a certain product or special cut, then please contact us to either reserve the products you wish to purchase, or to have a special order put aside for you.

Do you do home deliveries?

We are not currently set up for making home deliveries. However, we will under special circumstances make exceptions, and consider on a case by case basis. Home deliveries would only be possible on existing delivery routes, and would be required to have a  minimum $100 order.

We do work with Uproot Food Collective, to offer our most popular products for sale through their online store. They make deliveries to most cities / towns in Alberta for a nominal fee. Visit for further information. 

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