Pigs in Snow!

Nov 11, 2014

Our pigs love being outside, but now that it is colder we have to make sure that they are able to escape the cold by retreating to their straw filled pens and shelters. We offer sheltered housing to all of our pigs, and in the winter we fill those pens with fresh straw so they can bury themselves and keep warm.

When the snow arrived last weekend, the pigs were very curious, and spend much of their time outside playing in and eating the snow. This was how they investigated something new in their environment. 

It always surprises us just how resilient these animals are - unless the conditions are blizzard like, the pigs are usually still out in the field, rooting in the snow and dirt, and enjoying the sunshine.

The feed and water is outside, so they always head outside each day. Water is available 24 hours a day from heated outside waterers, specifically designed for pigs. The water is prevented from freezing by a heated water bowl, and heat tapes on the water pipes that come under ground from a depth of about 9 feet. 

Feed is available 24 hours a day in feeders, that have covers over the feeding bowls. When the pigs are hungry they simply lift up the flap, and place their noses in the bowl. Once finished a cover flips back down and stops the feed from being contaminated by rain / snow or other materials.

Posted in: Farm Diary

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