Drycured Back Bacon Unsmoked Sliced

Approx 12 - 14 slices per 454g pack

$9.50 per pack

10 packs for $85

A lean and juicy, medium thick sliced back bacon, with a well matured flavour. A classic on a full english breakfast. Drycured so no added water and less shrinkage. No sugar added. Sold fresh in a vacuum pack for optimum shelf life. 

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Sodium Nitrite.


How to Cook Bacon Products:

Slices: Fry or grill until pink - this should only take a few minutes each side. Continue cooking to desired level of crispness. Our bacon is best eaten pink and lightly browned to avoid drying it out - it is very lean!

Bacon Chops: Cook for approx 15 minutes, turning once during cooking. For best results either pan fry, grill or BBQ.

Bacon Ends: Dice and sauté in a pan, then add to your favourite dishes.

Bacon Bits: These are ready to eat - just thaw and use how you wish.

Gammon Steaks: BBQ, fry or bake for approx 5-7 minutes each side.


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