Drycured Smoked Side Bacon Sliced

Approx 14 - 16 slices per 454g pack

$11.00 per pack

5 packs for $50

10 packs for $95

Classic bacon strips naturally smoked over Hickory woodchips. Drycured so no added water and less shrinkage. No sugar added.

Can also be sold in whole or part slabs. Contact us to order.

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Sodium Nitrite.


How to Cook Bacon Products:

Slices: Fry or grill until pink - this should only take a few minutes each side. Continue cooking to desired level of crispness. Our bacon is best eaten pink and lightly browned to avoid drying it out - it is very lean!

Bacon Chops: Cook for approx 15 minutes, turning once during cooking. For best results either pan fry, grill or BBQ.

Bacon Ends: Dice and sauté in a pan, then add to your favourite dishes.

Bacon Bits: These are ready to eat - just thaw and use how you wish.

Gammon Steaks: BBQ, fry or bake for approx 5-7 minutes each side.


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