The Finest Sausages

Our sausages are carefully produced by hand using coarsely chopped prime pork and collagen casings. They contain no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no colourings or MSG, and only natural spices and seasonings. Like all good food, these meaty sausages taste great because the recipes are simple, the seasonings light, and the ingredients first class. You'll be amazed to see them cook - hardly any fat - so it's not surprising that our customers keep coming back for more! Also, all of our sausages are made gluten-free, and also free from dairy, eggs, nuts, soy mustard, and MSG, so those of you with food allergies can also enjoy them.

All sausages are sold vacuum packed in 454g (1lb) packs. They are usually sold frozen, but some stores sell them fresh - check the 'Where to Buy' page for fresh stockists. Sausages are priced at $8.50 per pack. Buy any 5 packs for $40 or any 10+ packs for $70.

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