It's easier to meet your fundraising goals when you ask your family, friends and co-workers to buy products that they need, and would buy anyway. Let's face it - we all have to eat, so why not eat quality products, and raise some money at the same time. You can earn up to 25% on product sales for your fundraiser. The product selection is totally customizable to your organization.

We can deliver to most locations in the Edmonton to Calgary corridor. If you are outside of these areas, please call Nicola (780) 672-2787 or e-mail to info(at) to discuss the options for delivery or pick up. We can make it work for you!

 Please contact us for more information.

Where to Buy

Locate the Farmers' Markets and Retail Stores that sell our products.


Cook with Irvings

There are so many delicious options to create with our pork products.


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