We recently returned from a visit to Lincoln UK. We tried quite a few Lincolnshire sausages while there but they were not a patch on the quality ones you are producing! Keep up the good work.
Ray - Calgary

You have the most amazing bacon ever!!!!!
Shelley - Edmonton

Love everything you do!
Ryan - Edmonton

Best sausage in the world!
Karen - Legal

Just had some pork sausages from downtown farmers market, and OMG they were amazing on the BBQ. Appreciated the quality and form. Will have to go back for more!!
Tim - Edmonton

You have just provided us with the first quality bacon sandwich we've had in a very very long time! A fantastic hangover cure, and a good reminder of England/home. Thanks!
Gina - Edmonton

We ordered from you last year, and the roast was superb... the meat was the best we've ever had.
Kate - Edmonton

It's the best pork we have ever tasted in our lives. We are both impressed and will be coming back to get more!!!
Norman - Fort McMurray

Just wanted to thank-you for your AMAZING meat. To me it tasted completely differently. Your meat gives me the courage to make the commitment to never eat factory farmed meat! Thank-you for your work!
Christine - Edmonton

I bought some of your marbled back bacon at the 104 St Market. Best I've tasted in Canada and as good if not better than anything from Ireland or the UK.
Niall - Edmonton

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